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Eye Exams

How do I make an appointment for an eye exam?

Deja Vu has a number of different ways you can request an appointment for your exam. 1. Call our office 506-753-6000 2. From our Facebook page http://facebook.com/dejavuoptics and click "Book Now"

Progressive Lenses

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are multi-focal eyeglass lens having a smooth transition between all aspects of your vision, correction for vision at all distances, intermediate and near (reading).

Bifocal Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

Lens Treatments

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What can I expect during a my eye exam?

Eye exams are available from licensed Independent Doctors of Optometry Dr J Gagne.  Your exam will consist of a visual acuity and general eye health. The doctor will check for signs of cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Your examination can also reveal other health problems, including diabetes or high blood pressure.

Children as young as 8 months can be tested, an eye exam consists of tests for near and distance vision; peripheral vision, the ability to use both eyes together, and the ability of the eyes to move smoothly, quickly and accurately from one object to another . These test can identify issues with your child's vision that can be corrected before it affects their development and their ability to read and learn.


Anti-scratch coatings, but they still scratched! Why?

This is a common misconception with scratch resistant lens coatings. The coating is scratch-RESISTANT, not scratch proof. Its purpose is to protect your lenses against everyday wear, and is not designed to protect against deep gouges that can occur when glasses are dropped or scratched against a hard surface.

I’m having trouble seeing out of the lenses, what should I do?

Sometimes, with new glasses, you may experience time to adapt to you new prescription. This is often the case with astigmatism, bifocal and progressive prescriptions. Customers normally adapt to their new prescription within a two-week period. You should notice improvements each day.  Please contact us if you have troubles adjusting after this amount of time.


How much are my glasses going to cost?

Each prescription is different,  When you come in, we would be to happy to assess your prescription power and type of lens you require, Then we will be able to give you an estimate. We do carry a full selection of eyewear to suit every budget.