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 Deja Vu Optics - Lenses & Coating

Crizal® Rock™ - Premium Anti Glare and Scratch Resistant Coating 


Crizal® Rock™ coating offers the best combination against scratches and smudges thanks to a unique technology to protect your lenses. Whatever the situation, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, incidents and bad habits will no longer have the same impact on the lens, leaving you free to live your life however you’d like. No need to choose between ease of cleaning and scratch resistance.

Varilux HD Progressive lenses

Vision changes as you age, but it shouldn’t get in the way of how you live, work, and play. Unlike bifocals or ordinary progressive lenses, Varilux progressive lenses can help you achieve a more natural vision, thanks to the smooth transitions from near to far. That’s why Varilux lenses are the #1 recommended progressive lenses worldwide

Stellest - Early Myopia Control Lenses 

Play, learn, read, discover, see the world… Did you know that more than 80%* of your child’s learning is done through their vision? Myopia can have a major impact on your child's vision and life, and it can be permanent. More and more children are becoming myopic at a very young age, which increases their risk of developing high myopia and the risk of developing visual impairments as adults. Now, thanks to Essilor® Stellest™ lenses, it is possible to control the progression of myopia. The earlier your child's myopia progression is controlled, the less impact it will have on their eyesight in the long run. With Stellest lenses, see your children grow, not their myopia.

Early management can help slow the progression of myopia and reduce the risk of complications in adulthood.

Essilor Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day.

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Eyezen - SV Lenses for todays lifestyle

Between computers, tablets, smartphones, and flat-screen TVs, we are living in a digital world. All that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain. Eyezen®+ enhanced single vision lenses provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and are available to everyone—whether you have a prescription or just want glasses that make screen use easier on your eyes.

Whether they're recognising colours and shapes, reading, or writing, vision plays a crucial role in children's development and growth. That's why, as a parent, it's essential to carefully nurture and promote healthy vision during your children's school years, especially as their visual system is still developing. But, of course, this can be tricky in an increasingly connected world. 

Digitime HD - Office Progressives (Accounting, Book Keeping, Plumbers, Carpenters)

The reality of modern life involves dynamic activities across multiple screens, and these changes to your visual and postural behavior can create new discomforts. Varilux® Digitime™ lenses are designed to mitigate the many challenges of digital activities and other precision tasks, making screen time more comfortable.  Your result!

- Relaxed eyes while reading small characters, even on your smartphone

- Natural posture in front of your computer and other devices

- Large and comfortable fields of vision, providing natural full coverage of the screen

All material supplied from Varilux Essilor Canada Site 

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